“Make Your Little One the Happiest Child

In The World"

- Cute, Cuddly, Comforting, Reassuring and Very Popular, Sleepy Pals And Their Close Cousins My Pillow Pets are Huggable Stuffed Animals That Open Up into Beautiful Pillows That Toddlers Can Enjoy Day And Night -


Dear Mums and Dads

Welcome to Toddlers Pillows,

My name is Christian and I love to see children laughing and just having lots of fun, after all children grow up so very quickly and I believe that kids should have as much fun as possible whilst they haven't a care in the world. That's why I'm always on the look out for simple gift ideas that pack a tremendous amount of joy for toddlers and young children.

When I first saw My Pillow Pets on TV and the shear delight on the faces of little toddlers on YouTube videos posted by mums and dads from all over, I was immediately struck by the amount of joy these little soft and cuddly animals - that transform into fabulous pillows - bring to children. These furry cuties seem to tick all the right boxes for children's maximum enjoyment.

 Here are some of the reasons why I think My Pillow Pets and Sleepy Pals are so popular and why I rate them so highly:

  • At present Sleepy Pals have four cute furry friends to collect: Lucky the Dog, Billy the Bear, Dotty the Ladybird and Honey the Bumble Bee.

  • Close cousins of Sleepy Pals, the original 'My Pillow Pets' have over 40 different animal characters to choose from, from Ali Alligator to Zippity Zebra, enough choice to please any fussy child!
  • Ideal for cuddling up to on plane, train and car journeys.
  • Offer great comfort and companionship to young toddlers, giving a little extra security to keep them feeling comfortable and safe even when they are away from home.
  • Designed not just as a toy, they additionally open out into pillows, so when it's time to rest, simply undo the Velcro and the animal flips out into a full sized pillow for resting and nap time.
  • PJs fit easily inside, so they're ideal for taking to sleepovers.
  • Made from ultra soft quality chenille fabric that makes you want to stroke them.
  • Heavy duty stitching that should ensure years of enjoyment.
  • They've proven to be popular with all ages. Teens love the cute design. Pregnant mothers-to-be love the comfort factor. Even grandparents enjoy these cute pillow-like stuffed friends.
  • They're machine washable so you don't have to worry about putting them in a pillow case if your child uses them often for bed or have to worry that they will get them dirty carrying them around all the time.
  • Oh and did I mention that they're sooo cute and cuddly?

Kids absolutely love these cute cuddly animals and because they open up into beautiful pillows you won't find children neglecting them after just a couple of weeks, unlike with many other toys.

They also make great companions and being so very soft and comfortable they'll always be irresistible to lounge and rest on.

Feel free to browse the links on this site for more information about Sleepy Pals and My Pillow Pets. Enjoy.

Warm Regards