“Lucky The Dog"

Product Description

Sleepy Pal "Lucky the Dog" is my personal favorite of the Sleepy Pals collection and one of the most popular of the four. He has a cute smiley face, a big brown noise and a little waggable tail. Made from super soft chenille fabric, Lucky the Dog is quite the companion and  irresistible to stroke.

This is just a really fun item to have for kids, and you are going to be very happy with the look and feel of them.

Unlike with the My Pillow Pets collection, Sleepy Pals only come in 1 size option, which is 18".




  1. Four furry friends in the Sleepy Pals collect: Lucky the Dog, Billy the Bear, Dotty the Ladybird and Honey the Bumblebee.
  2. Ideal for cuddling up to on plane, train and car journeys.
  3. PJs fit easily inside, ideal for taking to sleepovers.
  4. Starts out as your pal, then un-velcro its belly, and it quickly becomes your pillow.
  5. Made from ultra soft quality chenille fabric.
  6. Heavy duty stitching will ensure years of enjoyment.
  7. One size only: 18".
  8. Machine Washable on Gentle Cycle – Best results place Sleepy Pal inside a white pillow case and tie off the open ends then machine wash.

Not Recommended for the Dryer!

Price:  UK  £19.99


IRE  €23.99



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