“Say Hello To Buzzy Bumble Bee And All The My Pillow Pets Friends”

There Are 36 My Pillow Pets Friends To Choose And They’re Not Just Cute Faces Because As Well As Being A Furry Pet That Kids Love, They Also Open Up Into Super Soft, Full-Sized Pillows.

36 Adorable My Pillow Pets

to Choose From

They come in 2 sizes: Large (18″) & Small (11″).

Alli Alligator


“My oldest daughter just turned 9 and was begging for a pillow pet for her birthday, so we got her one. She wanted the Alligator, as she is our tomboy, lol. She loves it and takes it everywhere with her. It’s only been a couple days, so not sure how it will hold up, but so far so good.” (Jillian Carr)

Mr. Bear


“I ordered the Pillow Pet Bear for my 3 yr. old grandson. He absolutely loved it! It is a beautiful, plush, durable pillow/stuffed animal, and I’m certain he will get years of enjoyment from it”. (Ruby)”


Icy Polar Bear


“I purchased the Polar Bear Pillow Pet for my grand daughter’s birthday and she really loves it. I received the best thank you card ever for this gift.(C. Hulen)”



Buzzy Bumble Bee


“This pillow pet really is soft and fluffy. It’s also very durable and cute. I thought this was the silliest product ever, but it’s won me over. My ten year old takes it to every sleepover and just loves it!” (K.Carl)


Cuddly Bunny


“Impossible to find, but well worth it. Mt daughter loves this more than anything. SO happy I could find it. Thank you again! ”


Fluffy Bunny


“Cute, soft. My 3-year-old loves it. It’s new, so not sure how durable it will ultimately be, but it does seem to be well-made (Santa Monica Reader)”


Thumpy Bunny


“My daughter loves her pillow pet! It is extremely soft. The velcro that attaches the pillow together comes with a fabric tab to cover the velcro when not in use (so it doesn’t stick to the pillow when open)”. (Katy S)


Ms. Sassy Cat


“I recently bought three pillow pets for my daughter, son, and nephew. They absolutely love their new pets! We purchased the bunny, the dalmatian, and the cat. The cat is definitely not the cutest of the three, but my son still loves it.”


Cozy Cow


“My mother loves stuffed animals and cows, so this was perfect for her birthday. She loves it.”

Fiery Dalmatian


“My kids LOVE this pillow. Its extremely soft and durable. I recommend this pillow as a day care or nap time pillow. (M. McCoy)”

Patriotic Pup


“I personally thought it was ugly, but When I pulled it put of the box I couldn’t get over how soft it is!!! Super soft, really cute and best of all my son loves it!” (Jacqie)


Snuggly Puppy


“II got this for my son who’d broke his arm for a trip – he LOVES it … a pillow to snooze on and a great buddy overall. He likes to take him now on any “trip” we take that we will be in the car for an hour or more.”


Squeaky Dolphin


“The pillow pet is very soft. My son absolutely loved it. The only problem is that it is not as puffed up as it shows in the picture. My son keeps asking me when it will get bigger like the commercial and the pictures. Other than that it was a great buy.”


Puffy Duck


“It’s a good enough pillow for regular sleeping, it’s portable (good for car napping) and it’s cute. What more could a 5-year-old girl ask for? (3AM Shopper)”


Nutty Elephant


“I purchased this for my son to match his decor in his room. I got it in a timely manner. It’s worth the money. Definately plan on getting him the monkey later. (Stephanie Hicks)”


Friendly Frog


“My son loves his pillow pet. He plays with it and sleeps with it. It’s a great 24 hour a day toy.They are so cute as well. It’s very easy to clean and dries fast. I am definitely ordering more pillow pets.”


Jolly Giraffe


“My girls (4 and 3) were brainwashed by the TV commercial and can recite the whole thing. The toys didn’t disappoint them. Smaller than I expected (must have midget kids in the commercial), but my girls carry them around and sleep with them all the time”.


Hungry Hippo


“Got this for my great niece, she loves it! Very soft and great color!”


Sir Horse


“My Granddaughter loves this pillow pet and that’s really all that matters to me. I purchased the large one and it is very large. Soft and cuddly. (Deborah Lyttle)”


Krissy Koala


“If you are looking for a great birthday or Christmas present for a youngster you know, this might be a great option. If you pick the Koala or a different animal, the kid you buy it for is really going to enjoy it.”


Ms. Ladybug


“My daughter loves this pillow! She received it for Christmas last year and has since asked for and has received a second pillow- the Lamb”


Loveable Lamb


“This is very cute, and appears well made. It is soooo soft! My 4 year old loves it! ”


Cowardly Lion


“Bought this for my nephew and he did not like it at first I think because of the fur but he warmed up to it and loves it. Takes it with him everywhere and it’s great to open out for naptime. It’s durable, fluffy, soft and beautiful”


Silly Monkey


“I bought this as a gift for another friend’s child and my 9 year old now wants one. It was so much softer than I thought it would be.” (Brenda)



Chocolate Moose


“Bought this pillow pet as a gift for my nephew. My daughter who is 8 has a pillow pet as well and just loves it. Very well made. We have washed my daughter’s and it comes out great”. (Kerri Coughlin)”


Comfy Panda


“I bought this pillow pet for my nephew for his birthday and he LOVED it! I was very impressed with the quality of this product and how soft it was! I actually want to buy one for myself!” (Meghan0981)


Playful Penguin


“My granddaughter was overjoyed when her pet arrived for her birthday. The Perky Penguin has been a constant “bed pal” since it arrived.”


Wiggly Pig


“My daughter loves her pillow pet. She sleeps with it every night. This is a very nice quality pillow/stuffed animal. Very soft and cuddly. (Terri Wharf)”




“It has a neat and unique light green and almost gray colored scheme.. unique shaped head including the long almost horn like top…big wide mouth with plenty of teeth, and instead of legs has the wings which you would expect to see. Unique and very successful.”




“I gave this as a b-day gift for my nephew. He is 7. He LOVES it! (Natalie Newman)!”




“Pillow pets are all the rage but it is impossible to find dinosaur ones. This one is even better looking in person and is super soft. If you have/know of a kid who loves dinosaurs, this is a great gift! (Sarah Wagner)”


Mr. Tiger


“…got it for a very specific purpose … son to hug when daddy is away at work! It is very soft and quite plush… good stuffed animal, possibly the best one on the market for its size. (D. Porter) ”


Tardy Turtle


“My kids LOVE this toy. It was an Easter present and my son (months later) still sleeps with it every night. It is very durable and very soft and it was even cooler than we expected. :)”


Magical Unicorn


“My 6 yr old daughter loves this pillow pet! The large size is a perfect pillow size when it’s a pillow and it’s great, magical fun when it’s a Unicorn – she really enjoys it. I think the quality is good – seems to hold up well”. (Faith Fender)


Splashy Whale


“Bought the Pillow Pet Orca for her fourth birthday and it was a great surprise and perfect gift. She takes it everywhere…even took it camping and we washed it in a pillow case with the ends tied and i came out clean, perfect and still super soft. Large, cuddly, and fun!”


Zippity Zebra


“Bought this for my high school grand child who loves zebra’s. You are never too old to have a friend to cuddle. (Sandy)”