“Lucky The Dog, Billy The Bear, Dotty The Lady Bird & Honey The Bumble Bee All Looking For Great Homes and Companionship"

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Four Adorable Sleepy Pal Animals

to Choose From

Each Sleepy Pal has distinctive features that give each a personality that just seems to make children want to hug them

NOTE: Sleepy Pals currently only available in the UK and Ireland

Billy The Bear


“The sleepy pals look adorable and cuddly. i have bought them for Christmas present for my children.” – Anonymous


Dotty The Lady Bird


“delighted with product ” – Norma Howard



Lucky The Dog


“My 2 year old received one of these for Christmas. He sleeps on it every night & loves it. It is soooo soft & cute! .”



Honey The Bumble Bee


“Buzzing around the garden Is what I love to do, But when you need a cuddle, I’ll be there for you.”